Caloric intake, the magic pill

There really isn’t a magic pill when it comes to weight loss and fat burning, it’s not rocket science, you need to be in a caloric deficit.   So what is a caloric deficit? A caloric deficit is when you consume less calories than your body needs to maintain its curtain weight.

How do you determine your daily caloric intake? 

For over two years, I’ve been using a very simple formula to calculate my daily caloric intake as well as my daily marcos (I created a calculator below). 

So in a nutshell, take your your current weight and multiply it by 13.5, that’s your calorie maintenance, so if you weigh 160 lbs, then 2,160 calories a day will keep you at 160lbs (160 * 13.5 = 2,160). To lose weight, simply use a lower multiplier like 11.5 to find your daily caloric intake (160 * 11.5 = 1,840), so staying at or under 1,840 calories per day, will result in weight/fat loss.

Now, if you want to accelerate your fat loss, take it a step further by using your target weight instead of your current weight, for example, if I currently weigh 160 lbs and my target weight is 150 lbs, then I would use the follow: (150 * 11.5 = 1,725).   So now your daily caloric intake is 1,725. Compound that with a high fat, low carb, ketogenic protocol and a solid weight training route, and you now have a recipe for weight loss and fat burning success.

The Calculator

Calories, Grams
Calories, Grams
Calories, Grams
100 Calories
Multipler is too high for the target weight, the calculated calories will most likely not result in fat loss.