You’ve probably read it here before, but I’m not as big of a running fan as I use to be. Perhaps because the older I get, the more my joints dislike it. I can burn more calories in half the time with a HIIT routine as opposed to running.  But ultimately, I got bored with running, I found that a good HIIT routine was both more challenging and fun.  So, one of my go to cardio routines is the kettlebell swing into burpees countdown, this is a brutal routine, it’s a modification to the kettlebell swing into squat thrusters routine I originally got from men’s health.  So what’s the reason for the modification???  Quite frankly, the original routine got easy, so I replaced the squat thruster with the burpee; however, if you’re just starting out and need to built up your endurance, start off with the original routine.

The Kettlebell Swing & Burpees routine

To get started with the routine, perform 15 kettlebell swings (proper form please, don’t hurt yourself), I like to use a 35 lbs kettlebell (but use a weight you can handle), immediately followed by 15 burpees, now without a break, go right into performing 14 kettlebell swings followed by 14 burpees, continue on down (13, 12, 11, ….) until you’re done.  Do your best to not take breaks between the countdown sets; however, if you need to, you can take a 10 – 15 sec breather (only the catch your breath), the goal is to keep the intensity up, so keep any breaks you take to a minimum.

If you haven’t done the math yet, that’s 120 kettlebell swings and 120 burpees, now that’s a serious workout.

Keep track your time so that the next time you do this routine you can attempt to beat your time and monitor your improvement.

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