I recently ran a Spartan Beast and in doing so, I put a little too much strain on my hamstring (there was a lot of elevation in this venue).  Now, a hamstring is a stubborn muscle to heal, and if you’re not careful, it can be easily re-tweaked (at least for me). So, what do you do to build up your endurance or somewhat maintain it while in the recovery process?

Aside from doing an EMOM (every minute on the minute) or a countdown routine, I also like doing various forms of sprints which may or may not incorporate running, In this post I’ll cover a sprint that actually doesn’t involve any running, the jump role to burpee sprint.

A Harvard step test study indicates that a 10 minutes of jump roping is as effective as a 30 minutes jog. So, the jump rope portion of this routine is going to simulate a moderate steady jog.  The burpees will acts like the sprint portion of the routine, this is where you push yourself hard.

Now I didn’t originate this routine, I got from my buddy and master trainer John Schaefer of BodyDoOver.com.  Much of what I know with regards to intermittent fasting and macro nutrition I got from him.  John is one of few trainers that I know who can wear the “I train your trainer” shirt.

Anyways, you want to shoot for 150+ turns per minute on the jump rope for one minute and perform at least 12+ burpees for 30 seconds.  After the 30 seconds for the burpees are done, we’re going to rest for 30 seconds.  We’re going to do 10 rounds.


If you’re not in the mode for doing burpees (it happens) or just want to change things up, you can replace the burpees for mountain climbers or squat thrusts.  For mountain climbers, shoot for 85+ knee tucks counting each knee independently.  For squat thrusts, you want to do deeps squats, going for  least 12+.


If you end up targeting the numbers I mentioned above, it’s going to be pretty easy to get your heart rate up, especially the first few times you do the routine. You’ll know you’re improving when you recovery time within the 30 second rest improves.

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